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An untitled Jet Set Radio game in the Jet Set Radio series has been announced. Very little information has been revealed about it. As of now, the only characters confirmed to be returning are Beat and DJ Professor K, along with Shibuya as a returning location.[1]

Gum and Combo are also confirmed to be returning in a management presentation, on slide 36.[2]


In a management presentation held by Sega, it was confirmed that the world of Tokyo will be open world, and that players can "make friends, increase their fans, and create a movement".[3] In the brief footage shown, Beat shown to do tricks in similar fashion from Jet Set Radio Future, and the ability to do parkour as well.


On December 8, 2023, it was confirmed that the game is a reboot and that the original creators of the series are involved with it.[4][5] The game is being developed by the 3rd Division of Sega, which is their "Online R&D" studio.[6][7][8]



  • According to a 2024 Sega Sammy Management Meeting, the new Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi games were in the top 10 in what media and news sites covered out of 53 titles.[9]



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