Typing Jet (タイピング ジェット Taipingu Jetto?) is a Java typing game released for Japanese mobile phones in 2001. Players avoided obstacles and ran from the police by quickly typing characters. Little is known about the game at this moment except the description of the gameplay, and a few screenshots of the game. In terms of the soundtrack, there are chiptune remixes "Let Mom Sleep" and "Rock It On", which was confirmed by Hideki Naganuma on twitter.[1][2] As of right now, the game is considered lost media.


The Dreamcast software "Jet Set Radio", which has gained great popularity for its cool visuals and tricky actions and has won numerous awards, has been reborn as a typing game on mobile phones! Dodge obstacles with quick typing to escape from Inspector Onishima and decide on vivid tricks! Collect Graffiti Souls that appear in the game and get new words and other benefits![3]


A glimpse of gameplay can be seen in one of the TV commercials, which can be found here at the 5:29 mark.[4]


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