Tokyo-to is the city where both Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future take place. It is strongly based on the actual city of Tokyo.

The city is split up into three districts: Shibuya-cho, Benten-cho, and Kogane-cho, each of which corresponds to a different time of day. Shibuya-cho is always seen by day, whilst Benten-cho is set at night, and Kogane-cho has a permanent sunset. These districts are home to various gangs of rudies, each with their own territory.

In Jet Set Radio

Tokyo-to as seen in Jet Set Radio is very reminiscent of a 1990s version of the real Tokyo. In the intro cutscene, DJ Professor K says it is located "somewhere in Asia" and that it "cannot be found on any map". He also mentions that everyone just calls the city Tokyo.

The Rokkaku Group, a financial conglomerate led by wealthy businessman Goji Rokkaku, is involved in the city's politics to the point of almost running it. It combined its efforts with the Metropolitan Government to found the "21st Century Project", which is supposed to increase productivity by outlawing various forms of expression. As a result, the Tokyo-to police force is incredibly severe in pursuing and punishing the graffiti-spraying, skating youths known as rudies.

In Jet Set Radio Future

In the sequel, Tokyo-to looks far more futuristic than it previously did, with more industrial buildings, skyscrapers, and billboards. However, it also has some extremely poor areas, primarily in Kogane-cho. Tokyo-To is now further divided, with each individual area within the three main districts being given a name:

Shibuya-cho is comprised of Dogenzaka Hill, Shibuya Terminal, Hikage Street, and Chuo Street.

Benten-cho, still the main district for the nightlife, includes Highway Zero, Sky-Dinosaurian Square, The Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park and 99th Street.

Kogane-cho is mostly a residential area. It's made up of Rokkaku-dai Heights, Kibogaoka Hill, and the Fortified Residential Zone.

Running underground is Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility, and below that is the Bottom of the Sewage Facility, which is considered an area of its own.

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