The Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park is a location that is accessed through 99th Street. The area houses The Immortals.


Whilst here, the player can find a giant sphinx statue as well as a whole area of rooftops to skate around on. The highest building of them all is the Observatory which you must grind on the beams, taking the player one level up. The telescope on the top of the observatory can be used to perform multiple air stunts after grinding.

In this location, the player must cover up all of the graffiti The Immortals put up. After that, the player faces them in a short game of Taggers Tag. Then, they will run off to Highway Zero, where that will face in another round of Taggers Tag.

It is linked to 99th Street, Highway Zero, the site of Tokyo line, and Sky-Dinosaurian Square.

Unlockable Character

You can unlock The Immortals by getting a Jet rank in every test run in this level.


  • When the player first arrives, DJ Professor K explains that Pharaoh Park was built by a wealthy Egyptian businessman living in Tokyo, hence the Egyptian motif.
  • There are many parts of the level that appear to still be under construction, as evidenced by the girders and cranes.
  • This area is one of the largest maps in the game.
  • The observatory is displayed on some billboards in the area and in others.
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