The Site of Tokyo line is an area in Jet Set Radio Future that can only be accessed once in the game, during Chapter 8. It is a loop of two train tracks that the player grinds. The only way that this area can be accessed is going right on the track in The Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park. When the player access the area, they fight a giant train-like machine that is built by the Rokakku Group that houses the hostage DJ Professor K. The player engages in a brief battle with the train, and the player sprays on both the cannons. When the player beats the train, a cutscene will show the train faltering in its tracks and showing explosions.

This area is notable because the area is blocked off and deemed inaccessible. A possible explanation for the inaccessibility of the area is, after the player battles the train, the area is blocked off, due to the train blocking the line.

Given The Site of Tokyo Line is a one-time only access area, there is no graffiti to tag, nor are there any Graffiti Souls or a Mystery Tape.

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