The GG's in Jet Set Radio.

The "GG's" (Graffiti Gang) are a gang of Rudies who live in Tokyo-to. Their territory is in Shibuya-cho, and their base of operations is The Garage. They are the protagonists and main playable characters of Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future.

In Jet Set Radio

In Jet Set Radio, Beat formed the GGs, with Gum and Tab joining shortly after. As the game goes on, more members join the gang. In this game, their territory is in the Shibuya-cho district of Tokyo-To.

In Jet Set Radio Future

At the start of Jet Set Radio Future the GGs have only three members, Roboy, Gum and Corn, but Yoyo soon joins. Like in Jet Set Radio, more members join as the player progresses. In this game, their territory is in Dogenzaka Hill and Shibuya Terminal.


Jet Set Radio

Jet Set Radio Future


  • The members of the GG's seem to have a certain role within the group; Beat being the founder and leader of the GG's(JS/GR) and a rogue rudie(JSRF), Gum being the teacher/trainer of the GG's, Tab/Corn being the new leader of the GG's(JSRF), Pots being their pet/mascot, Garam and YoYo being the troublemakers etc.


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