The Future Site of Rokkaku Expo Stadium is a location in Jet Set Radio Future.

It can only be reached via 99th Street.

Story Importance

The player first visits the area after they defeat the Immortals at Highway Zero. When the player frees what they think is YoYo, the player is captured and taken to the stadium, where they are forced by the Noise Tanks to play a game of 'death ball' with Jazz as their partner. The opponents consist of the Immortals, the Doom Riders, and the Love Shockers. After defeating all of the opponents, the Rokkaku Police ambush the stadium, led by Capitan Hayashi in his Terror Drone.

When the player returns to the area, Jazz is still there, who challenges the player to a race. If the player defeats Jazz, she joins the team.


  • DJ Professor K explains that the stadium is being built for an upcoming technology expo, sponsored by the Rokkaku group.
  • This level is the only area in the game that is actually one of the dedicated racetracks in VS. Mode. Not Counting City Rush S mode.
  • Professor K provides announcers commentary during the matches.
  • You can find the Gouji Tower outside of the barriers. It seems to be an incomplete version of it.
    • There's also an unknown reason as to why it's there, whether it was put there for testing purposes and forgotten to be removed from the map or it's intentionally placed there.
      Gouji Tower Circled

      Gouji Tower (circled) as shown in the stadium

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