The "Fortified Residential Zone" is the largest area in Jet Set Radio Future.


During the story mode, players will have to save themselves twice from blue and red bomb devices, in which the Golden Rhinos placed throughout the area. Each section of bombs require you to disable them in under 30 minutes. After that, the player proceeds up until they reach the highest floor with a room which houses a caged YoYo. Then, two jets will crash from the ceiling, and from there, the player must spray on the jets until both of them are destroyed. With countless floors to go up and with a height that means falling equals death, this is one of the hardest places to conquer.

Unlockable Character

AKUMU can be unlocked by getting a jet rank in all of the test runs for this level.


  • After the Fortified Residential Zone's story mode mission is completed and pedestrians return onto the map when revisited, it is noteworthy that most of them are clad in purple and orange hazmat suits, with certain locations occupied by large crowds of orange-suited women in front of purple-suited men, extremely similar to a pep rally or stump speech.
  • When all of the bombs are tagged, the timer continues for about 13 more seconds. If the player manages to tag the last red device when there are 13 or fewer seconds left on the timer, the place will still blow up despite tagging all the devices
  • If you go up to where Yoyo is before disabling all of the red bombs, he says this line: "You know, sometimes even I can't tell the difference between me and the real Yoyo. But, what are you standing around for?! The bomb! Hurry!"
  • If you let the timer run out, the entire area explodes while DJ Professor K says: "Sup with all the fireworks? Is it New Years already? Ha ha ha!" A game over is given afterwards.
    • Professor K's line is used in Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed in the Graffiti City track
    • Even if you disable the red bombs in time, it's still possible for the timer to run out due to Professor K's dialogue after disabling the last bomb, which lasts around 13 seconds
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