A Test Run is a trial that can be unlocked by collecting all the Graffiti Souls in an area in Jet Set Radio Future. Once the player has completed all the Test Runs in an area with a Jet ranking, the player will unlock a hidden character. There are four types of Test Runs.

Types of Test Runs

Jet Dash

Only available for closed, linear areas such as Dogenzaka Hill. The player must race one lap around the track in the fastest time possible.

Jet Flag

Only available for open levels such as Shibuya Terminal. The player needs to collect all the flags as they appear as fast as possible.

Jet Graffiti

The player must spray all the tags on the level in the fastest time possible.

Jet Tech

The player will need to do tricks to collect as many points as possible in 5 minutes.

Unlockable Characters

Area Character Unlocked
Dogenzaka Hill Doom Riders
Shibuya Terminal Zero Beat
Chuo Street Roboy
Hikage Street Love Shocker
Rokkaku-dai Heights Gouji Rokakku
Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility Poison Jam
Kibogaoka Hill Pots
Fortified Residential Zone AKUMU
99th Street Rapid 99
The Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park The Immortals
Highway Zero Noise Tanks
Sky-Dinosaurian Square NT-3000

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