Rokkaku-dai Heights is a sort of rusted-down area owned by Rokakku Gouji and is home to many Rudies

Birds near the entrance to the level from the Garage.

in this area. It is also one of the largest areas in the game and consists of many powerlines, and three distinct 'levels' to the area. However, there are gates blocking half of the access to the level on the GG's first visit and requires clearing the graffiti at Chuo street and defeating Poison Jam in a race there.

Rokkaku-dai Heights is accessed directly from The Garage using the stairs in the southeast part of The Garage.

The level is pretty limited when the player enters it for the first time. There is a warehouse with shut doors that block the player from going to the other side. In order to remove this obstruction, the player must complete the graffiti mission in Chuo street and race Poison Jam. After defeating Poison Jam in the Chuo street race, he will appear in Rokakku-dai Heights. The player must talk to him twice in the area to gain access to the other side of the warehouse.

Once Chapter 2 has been completed, a shortcut from the beginning of the level to the sewer halfpipe will be unlocked.

In this level, the player can unlock Rhyth.

The mystery tape is located inside the warehouse.

After beating the game, you can unlock Rokakku Gouji here by getting a "Jet" rank on all of the Test Runs.

From here the player can go to The Garage and the Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility.

Appearances in Other Games

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

Rokkaku-dai Heights is a level Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. Its name is changed to Rokkaku Hill. Despite this, it bears very little resemblance to Rokkaku-dai Heights. The train tracks make an appearance in one area, as well as the power lines.

the rokkaku sewage system

Game Series Track Name Track Picture
Jet Set Radio Future Tokyo-to - Rokkaku Hill SASR RokkakuHill.png