Jet Set/Grind Radio


The riot bus is large armored bus that appears in Jet Set Radio. It is used by the police and SWAT teams as a way of moving large amounts of officers and equipment quickly and safely. The whole bus is painted grey, with no police markings and the licence plate 79-99. It has rear-wheel covers and mesh covering the windows. It also has two red beacons on it’s roof, one at the front, and one at the back.

It is seen in both the Shibuya stages, and Benten Boogie. In Shibuya GG, it is seen as a roadblock at both ends on the street, with not much use other than set dressing. In Love Trap however, while it is used as a roadblock, it’s on the roads that the player will need to traverse in order to reach curtain tags. It’s so large, the only way the player can get past it is to go around of over the police car next to it. It’s placement in Benten Boogie on the other hand, is much more annoying. The way it’s parked means it completely blocks a path of the map, meaning the player will have to turn back, usually into the waiting hand of the police and SWAT team. Making matters worse, on the other side of the bus is an escape point, meaning a player unfamiliar with the map following the arrow will be led right into a dead end.

The Riot bus is never seen moving.


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