Hi there!
~ Rhyth arriving on Rokkaku-dai Heights

Rhyth is a Rudie living in Tokyo. She is a playable character in Jet Set Radio Future. She joins the GG's after the player proves their skill by doing a few tricks in Rokkaku-dai Heights.


In Jet Set Radio Future her apparel has changed very much from the first game, and she has oddly gotten significantly taller. She retains her blue hair, her headphones, and her blue lip colour, but her outfit is a lot racier: a light blue backless dress with a high collar, with a thin strapped bra with red and grey cups on the outside. The hem is a darker blue grey, above which part of her name (リズ) is written in contrasting blue katakana. On her arms, she wears full length, loose transparent sleeves tightened around her biceps, with a black and yellow wristband on her left wrist. Her panties are a light yellow, and her stockings have been replaced by blue and blue-grey knee socks. Her skates, trimmed with white fur, are predominantly aqua coloured, with light blue markings, blue grey, and a bit of yellow. There are black and white striped spikes on the heels, and the wheels are black and yellow.

She has a blue outline of the first katakana letter of her name (リ) below her left eye. Her irises are blue.

Role in Jet Set Radio Future

Rhyth is first found in Rokkaku-dai Heights on top of the Poison Jam warehouse. When spoken to, she'll challenge the player to a game of hide and seek across Rokkaku-dai Heights. Once she is found twice, she'll join the GG's and become playable. Aside from that, her role is minimal.

Relationships with other characters

  • Beat - In Chapter 3, if you talk to her as Beat, she will say: "You kinda.....smell weird.".
  • Yoyo - Right after she joins the GG's. if you play as her and talk to Yoyo, he will act flustered and say: "You' know...yo.", suggesting that he may have a crush on her. During the time Yoyo is missing and NT-3000 is posing as him, Rhyth doesn't believe Yoyo is a traitor, saying: "I don't think Yoyo is that kind of a person." when talking to her in this chapter.
  • DJ Professor K - During the chapter The Golden Rhinos kidnap DJ Professor K, Rhyth is very shocked, if you talk to her she will say: "Someone's after DJ-K?! You sure about that?!?!".
  • Poison Jam - At the start of Chapter 3, if you talk to her, she will say: "Posion Jam are...kinda cute!".
  • Hayashi - In Chapter 4, if you talk to her, she will say: "Is it just me, or does Captain Hayashi not look like he eats his breakfast?" and considering the dialog in Rokkaku-dai Heights just before this, she is very right.
  • Gouji Rokakku - If you talk to Rhyth just before confronting Rokakku in Shibuya Terminal, she will say: "Gouji Rokkaku is kinda interesting. But, I think he went a little too far this time...".

In-Game Statistics

Jet Set Radio Future

Stamina Above Average
G-Stamina Average
Spray Cans 30 Cans
Graffiti Very High*
Acceleration Average
Cornering Above Average
Grind Very High*
  • The asterisk (*) denotes this Rudie's highest skills.



  •  In JSRF if the player talks to Rhyth at the Garage before collecting 40 graffiti souls in Chapter 7, she will mention that she likes to collect Golden Rhino pins.
  • She appears on the Graffiti City stage in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. However, She wears her Jet Set Radio Future outfit, instead of her Jet Set/Grind Radio outfit like Beat and Gum.
  • Rhyth appears on several covers of the Jet Set Radio Future Xbox game case cover.