Rapid 99 are a rival gang in Jet Set Radio Future. They are first encountered the first time you go to 99th Street. Their former leader was Cube until she left to lead Poison Jam, making the two gangs bitter rivals. Rapid 99 will give the player the location of Poison's Jam's hideout if the player can beat Rapid 99 in a game of Capture the Flag around 99th Street.



You can unlock Rapid 99 as a playable character by getting a 'Jet' ranking in all of the Test Runs in 99th Street after completing the game and getting all Graffiti Souls in 99th Street.

In-Game Statistics

Stamina Average
G-Stamina Average
Spray Cans 30 Cans
Graffiti Above Average
Acceleration High
Cornering Very High*
Grind Above Average
  • An asterisk (*) indicates this character's highest skill.


  • Rapid 99 has the same dance as Cube.
  • Rapid 99 is one of the characters you can practice against while playing Ball Hog in VS Mode.
  • According to the official JSRF website, Rapid 99 were originally a punk rock band called Rapid but their music wasn't popular so they disbanded and formed a gang instead. They then took over 99th Street which led to them changing their name to Rapid 99.[1]



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