Jet Set/Grind Radio


STAGES: Shibuya GG, 8 officers, after 3 tags, Benten Boogie, # officers, after 4 tags, & The Monster of Kogane, stage intro cutscene only


Police officers are the bread and butter of the police force, and the first and easiest enemy the player will encounter in the game. They will stand in place in groups of three or four until spotting the player. Once the player enters their line of sight, they will shout and then begin chasing the player.

When police officers are chasing the player they will make a “Hut! Hut! Hut!” sound. The player can escape the police either by skating or grinding away and creating some distance, or by going through the predetermined escape points.

Police will grab onto the player if they are close enough, or will attempt to tackle the player if there is some distance between them, though they will usually miss. Up to two police officers can hold on to the player, which will slow them down and constantly damage them. If a third officer grabs the player, the player will be knocked down in a pile with the police. After a short time, the police will get up, but the player can crawl out from under them before then. Players can shake off the police holding them by either repeatedly jumping, or by grinding.


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