Piranha or Sugar (シュガー, Shugā) in Japan is a playable character and member of the GG's in Jet Set Radio.

Her counterpart in Jet Set Radio Future is Boogie.


Piranha's role in the plot of Jet Set Radio is minimal. She only appears as a rival at the garage, challenging the GG's to copy some of her moves in Shibuya-cho. When one of them completes these challenges, she joins the gang, and becomes a playable character.

From this point onwards, Piranha can be seen dancing near the middle of the garage on the character select screen.


Piranha is a dark skinned and rather curvy girl. She is seen wearing a white top with short sleeves, which is very low cut to the point of being open down to below her chest, and also bares her midriff. It has two red stars across the front and a larger one on the back, centered between her shoulder blades. Completing her outfit are white tight fitting bell bottomed white pants, with more red stars at the ankles. Her shoulder-length, dark brown hair sticks out in what appear to be thick braids from behind red tinted goggles, placed above her forehead. Finally, she wears bright green gloves with dark green/gray cuffs, and her skates are two toned grey, with bright yellow frame rails, and grey wheels.

Trademark Graffiti

PIRANHA - Beware My Bite!


Pirahna's Graffiti from Jet Set Radio

Piranha's Small Graffiti. "Piranha" in magenta bubble letters.

PIRANHA - Sharpest Teeth!

Piranha's Large Graffiti. "Grab On" in wavy magenta letters.

CUB WRITER - Goof-off!

Piranha's Extra-Large Graffiti. "Piranha" in yellow bubble letters with faces.

In-Game Statistics

Jet Set Radio

Power - Very High

Technique - Average

Graffiti - Maximum*

  • The star (*) notates this Rudie's highest skill(s).

Appearences in other games

Sega Superstars Tennis

In this Sega crossover tennis game, Piranha appears as a spectator on the Jet Set Radio court.

Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed

Piranha's only appearance in this game is on an unlockable sticker, obtained from finishing 1st in a Grand Prix tournament on Expert difficulty.



  • Piranha's red tinted goggles are similar to dark adaptor goggles, used by meteorologists to adapt the eyes to darkness for observations at night.
  • Piranha is the oldest female in GG's member where the oldest male is Combo. She is 21 years old.
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