Ollie King ME (オーリーキングミー Orī Kingu Mī?), also referred to as Ollie King SK8R (オーリーキング SK8R Orī Kingu SK8R?),[1] is a mobile version of Ollie King made for mobile phones that had the Sega Mobile service. It released on September 30, 2004.[2] Similar to Typing Jet, the game cannot be accessed anymore, but unlike that game, some things are known about the gameplay. However, nothing is known about the soundtrack as Hideki Naganuma never commented on it.


Ollie King SK8R brings all the style and excitement of the arcade smash to your mobile phone. It has many of the same elements that make the arcade game so fun - the speed, the competition, the addictive ranking system and more. The "Radest" Skaters race down courses from all over the world and they're all vying for 1st place. Features like ramps, rails, and speed boosts make Ollie King SK8R feel and play just like the arcade version.


Similar to the arcade release, Ollie King ME allows players to pick 1 of 6 characters, and the main goal is to finish the area as fast as possible with style. The game also has three difficulty modes just like the arcade release. The major difference of course being the camera as it was switched to an overhead view to accommodate with mobile phones.


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