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Nt3000green.jpg|In-game model.
Nt3000green.jpg|In-game model.
NT-3000.jpg|NT-3000's logo
NT-3000.jpg|NT-3000's logo
NT-3000 Faces.png|Textures used for NT-3000's head.
NT-3000 Clothes.png|Textures used for NT-3000's clothing.

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NT-3000 (short for Noise Tank: Model No. 3000) was an advanced Noise Tank in Jet Set Radio Future.


NT-3000 in gameplay.

When the Golden Rhinos kidnapped YoYo, NT-3000 posed as him to destroy the GG's. The robot managed to fool the GG's for quite a while, until a showdown in Sky-Dinosaurian Square where Cube outed him as a fake.


NT-3000 looks exactly like YoYo, with an altered color scheme: he wears a dark green hoodie with the hood and collar pulled up and a red belt. Interestingly, YoYo's color scheme changes into NT-3000's when entering a dark area like the Skyscraper District and Sky-Dinosaurian Square.


Talk to Roboy after completing the game and getting all Graffiti Souls, then earn a 'Jet' ranking in all of the Test Runs for Sky-Dinosaurian Square to unlock NT-3000.

In-Game StatisticsEdit

Jet Set Radio FutureEdit

Stamina Above Average
G-Stamina Average
Spray Cans 30 Cans
Graffiti Very High*
Acceleration Average
Cornering Above Average
Grind Very High*
  • The asterisk (*) notates this character's highest skills.
  • NT-3000 has the same stats as Yoyo and Rhyth.
  • NT-3000 does the same dance as Pots.


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