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Mystery Tapes are yellow cassettes with a red question mark on it, one in each level of Jet Set Radio Future with the exceptions of the Garage, The site of Tokyo line, and The Future Site of Rokkaku Expo Stadium. Finding the Mystery Tape unlocks the Street Challenges for that level. Completing the Street Challenges earns mroe Graffiti Souls to grab. By completing all Street Challenges for a specific level, that level opens up for Test Runs, accessed through Roboy in the Garage.

Mystery Tape Locations

  • Dogenzaka Hill: downstairs in an alcove to the left of where Beat first appears in the level, behind some signs.
  • Shibuya Terminal: Up on the highest balcony of the level, in the far corner of the ledge. The ledge is above the Graffiti Stop on the level.
  • Chuo Street: Between the legs of the large dinosaur statue right after the halfpipe section. The same area Clutch can spawn in.
  • Rokkaku-dai Heights: Inside the building with the rail tracks. Initially locked off but is unlocked as you progress through the level.
  • 99th Street: Under the Benten Tower in the center of the level, beside the central pole.
  • Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility: Under the large tank in the center of the level in plain sight, once you pass Garam 's halfpipe challenges.
  • Bottom Point of Sewage Facility: As soon as you enter the level on your right, in a corner of the main square room.
  • Hikage Street: Take the last dead-end left turn before entering the open western section of the level.
  • Kibogaoka Hill: In the area with two large sets of power lines, grind the left and bottom-most line to a platform. The tape will be right in front of you
  • Skyscraper District and Pharoah Park: Underneath the large sphinx tower in a caged area, it is in the pit directly under the tower. There is a ladder to grind back out of the pit.
  • Highway Zero: In the main area with all of the food stalls and power lines where you can find Soda, the tape is in the middle of a group of stalls in the center of the area.
  • Sky Dinosaurian Square: Grind down the green rail in the Tyrannosaurus' back. To get there, get on the mail yellow rail from the start of the level and jump to the green rail when it runs parallel to the yellow rail. Follow that and jump at the end to land in an area with cans and the Tape.
  • The Fortified Residential Zone: Skate up the 'GIant of Metal' (doing so again is a Street Challenge for this area) to where Yoyo was being held. Look for a hole in the floor and continue to fall through holes in the floor until you reach the Tape.

Note: you cannot complete any of the Street Challenges before the Tape has been found. The Graffiti Souls do not retroactively unlock and you must complete the Challenges again.

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