Mew is a playable character in Jet Set Radio. She joins the GG's after the player proves his/her skill by doing a few tricks. Her name ミウ (mi-u) or ビス (bi-su = Bis) is written in orange Japanese katakana characters on the front of her dress (right on her chest) as seen on the pictures below and in the gallery.

Her equivalent in Jet Set Radio Future is Rhyth.


Mew's role in the plot of Jet Set Radio, like that of most characters, is minimal. She simply appears at the Garage, challenging the GG's to copy her tricks through Benten-cho. Upon completion of her challenges, she joins the GG's, becoming a playable character.


In Jet Set Radio, Mew wears a light blue (or mint), long sleeved dress that reaches to above her knees, trimmed with pale blue fur at the collar, the end of the sleeves, and the hem. It has her name printed vertically on the front, in fuchsia kanji, and an emblem resembling a screw on the back. Underneath the dress, she wears striped stockings with a matching colour scheme of dark and light blue, as well as dark blue skates with fuchsia markings and pale blue wheels. Mew's lipstick is also blue, as is a marking she has under her left eye. Her hair is a more greenish blue, and is straight, in an angular cut, with a pair of square grey headphones on top. An antenna sticks up out of the left ear of the headphones.

Appearances in other Games

Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed

Despite not being playable, Mew appears on an unlockable sticker in this racing game. Her equivalent in Jet Set Radio Future, Rhyth, makes a cameo on the Graffiti City stage.

In-Game Statistics

  • Power - Slightly Average
  • Technique - Very High*
  • Graffiti - High/Very High (JAPAN)
  • Can Capacity - 20 CANS
  • Spray Style - Moderate
  • Handle - Moderate/Loose
  • Weight: Light (Moves Fast, More Air)

*Highest stats



  • In Jet Set Radio's original Japanese Dreamcast release, Mew's showdown was set in Kogane-cho's factory ruins, instead of around Benten-cho. In japanese ver, Cube's showdown was set in Benten-Cho but her profile was changed (she was Japanese in Japanese ver). Instead of Cube, Mew appears in Benten-cho in JGR & HD ver.
  • In game as well as on her sticker in Sonic and Sega All-Starts Racing Transformed, Mew has a marking of three teal lines under her left eye. This is not shown in her official art, however.
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