Kibogaoka Hill is a location in Jet Set Radio Future. The player must come to this location in order to spray over The Immortals' graffiti in Chapter 4. The Rokkaku Police are primarily encountered here in Chapter 4 using helicopters as a way to stop the GG's, and the Golden Rhinos are encountered here as well in Chapter 7, using automatic weapons to halt the GG's once more. Clutch may also appear here when the player must re-obtain the Graffiti Souls he took from them in Chapter 7. It is one of the hardest areas to do street challenges in, as its lumpy rough ground makes it hard to move around without the use of telephone wires. There are also multiple locations that can lead to the player falling into water and thus losing health.


  • There are lots of stray animals in this area and there is even a large concrete room just full of cats and a beaten-up sofa, which has springs and stuffing pop out when touched.
  • While covering up The Immortals' graffiti, the player recruits Boogie in this area. She is unique in that in order to recruit her, The player must get to her location in a short amount of time, unlike any other character to get recruited.
  • Oddly enough, a launchpad for firing multi-stage rockets into space can be seen not far at all from a nearby town square, a gross and universal violation of both noise, zoning and safety laws. The player also passes through a large chamber housing multiple silos containing small rockets that bear a variant of the Rokkaku Group logo. Considering that these rockets are much too small to launch satellites into orbit, they may be a very disturbing sign that the Rokkaku Group possesses InterContinental Ballistic Missiles and the means to fire them.