Jet Set Radio SEGA Original Tracks is the digital release of Jet Set Radio's soundtrack on streaming sites. It was released on October 3, 2012, two weeks after the game's HD release in North America. It only contains songs made in-house by Hideki Naganuma, Richard Jacques, and Toronto, with the exception of two.

In October 2023, the album along with its sister album and the soundtrack to Ollie King were delisted on some streaming sites for undisclosed reasons. However, it and the Jet Set Radio Future release would be put back shortly after.


  1. Hideki Naganuma - Let Mom Sleep (2:50)
  2. Hideki Naganuma - Humming the Bassline (2:54)
  3. Hideki Naganuma - That's Enough (3:44)
  4. Richard Jacques - Everybody Jump Around (4:09)
  5. Hideki Naganuma - Sneakman (3:51)
  6. Hideki Naganuma - Sweet Soul Brother (2:55)
  7. Hideki Naganuma - Rock It On (3:44)
  8. Toronto - Electric Tooth Brush (4:15)
  9. Hideki Naganuma - Moody's Shuffle (1:16)
  10. Hideki Naganuma - Grace and Glory (3:16)
  11. Hideki Naganuma - Jet Set Groove #1 (0:08)
  12. Hideki Naganuma - Jet Set Groove #2 (0:09)
  13. SEGA - S.E. Graffiti Small (0:03)
  14. SEGA - S.E. Graffiti Big (0:03)
  15. SEGA - S.E. Kettei (0:02)


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