The Jet Set Radio Points System is the points system used in Jet Set Radio. People often want to get those sometimes elusive Jet Ranks. This little breakdown should help you understand how to do that. I would like to add that this is all tested on the HD version so I am not 100% sure that the Dreamcast version works the same.

There are 3 things to consider after the final score given from tricks and tags on a levels;

Time Left

Fairly simple, round down to whole number and times by 30 e.g.

425.25 left on the clock,
round to 425
425 * 30 = 12750 points

Cans Left

Even more simple, just each can you have left is worth 100 points e.g.

4 cans left
4 * 100 = 400 points

So as you can see, can’s are not that useful for getting points the max you could get would be 4900. Even then it would not be that much, since it would require a good amount of time.


This one is a little more complicated, first we begin with 6000 points. 3000 points are removed immediately if you don’t have 100%. Then the remaining 3000 points are lowered based on the % of HP left, compared to 100% of the character. Meaning you don’t get anymore points for a character with more health (so power characters are useless). It will almost always be worth looking for red cans towards the end if you are down on health, since you get the extra 3000.

Final Points + (Time Left Rounded * 30) + (Cans Left * 100) + (3000 * (% of HP left / 100)) + 3000 if HP is 100%

So just to give a breakdown here's an example

ValuePointsRun Total
Final Points 11000
Time Left 431 12390 23930
HP 100% 6000 29930
Cans Left 4 400 30330

Total: 30330

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