Jet Set Radio Original Sound Tracks (ジェット・セット・ラジオ オリジナルサウンドトラック Jetto Setto Raijo Orijinaru Saundotorakku?) is the soundtrack release of Jet Set Radio. It was released in Japan by Polydor on December 20, 2000. The album features 15 songs from the game, 3 bonus tracks and a data track.


  1. Hideki Naganuma - Let Mom Sleep (2:50)
  2. Hideki Naganuma - Humming the Bassline (2:54)
  3. Hideki Naganuma - That's Enough (3:42)
  4. Richard Jacques - Everybody Jump Around (4:09)
  5. Hideki Naganuma - Sneakman (3:51)
  6. Reps - 'Bout the City (3:42)
    • Written by: S. Foreman, Sheana Foreman
  7. Castle Logical - Mischievous Boy (2:13)
  8. Hideki Naganuma - Sweet Soul Brother (2:55)
  9. Hideki Naganuma - Rock It On (3:44)
  10. F-Fields - Yellow Bream (3:14)
    • Written by: Carl Gonzarez, Rich Valley
  11. Toronto - Electric Tooth Brush (4:16)
  12. B.B. Rights - Funky Radio (3:26)
  13. Hideki Naganuma - Moody's Shuffle (1:17)
  14. Hideki Naganuma - Grace & Glory (3:18)
  15. Hideki Naganuma - Jet Set Medley (6:49)
  16. Toronto - Jet Set Station (0:07)
  17. Hideki Naganuma - Jet Set Groove #1 (0:07)
  18. Hideki Naganuma - Jet Set Groove #2 (0:09)
  19. Data Track (4:26)


Wave Master Inc.[]

  • Sound Producer: Fumitaka Shibata
  • Sound Creator: Hideki Naganuma, Richard Jacques
  • Executive Producer: Yukifumi Makino

Smilebit, Corporation[]

  • A&R: Takayuki Kaneda (POLYDOR), Takashi Tanaka (POLYDOR)
  • Sales Promotion: Seiichi Hibi (UNIVERSAL MUSIC)
  • Jacket Design: Kumi Mineta, Tohru Asou
  • Artwork Coordinator: Mami Kuroki (UNIVERSAL MUSIC), Yumi Haga (UNIVERSAL MUSIC)
  • Executive Producer: Osamu Tabuchi (POLYDOR)
  • Supervisor: Ken Sugaya (POLYDOR)



  • On the back of the release, Hideki Naganuma's name is spelt as "Hideki Naganum" for "Sneakman".
  • There is a common Taiwanese bootleg of this album that is nearly identical in everything except for the label, Miya Music, and the catalogue number, "MICA-0268".
  • The CD contains some bonus content, including:
    • Eight .jpg images that make up a 2001 calendar.
    • Six .BMP images.
    • An .MPG video of game play footage.
    • A .pdf and .PSD file for a paper cutout model for Pots.
    • Twenty .WAV files containing voice clips and sound effects.

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