Hikage Street is an area in Jet Set Radio Future just outside of Shibuya Terminal where you fight the Terror Drone, a giant four-legged machine powered by Hayashi.

Hikage street

Hikage Street is first unlocked in Chapter 4 to cover up the Immortals' graffiti. and the player can return in Chapter 7 to re-tag the area once the entire city has been re-tagged.

After the game of Death Ball at the Future Site of Rokkaku Expo Stadium is interrupted by the appearance of Hayashi, upon returning to Hikage Street in Chapter 7, the player is forced to play against the Love Shockers in a game of 'Capture the Flag' in this area.

The Love Shockers are unlocked as a playable character by getting a Jet rank in all of the test runs in Hikage Street.

This area is very difficult to maneuver around, as it is twisty and mazy, but the map helps out pretty well with that. However, the map does not help out much when in any of the three areas with large walkway structures.

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