Gum (ガム Gamu?) is a Rudie living in Tokyo. She is a member of the GG's, in Jet Set Radio Future. She acts as a teacher towards Yoyo at the beginning of the game, mirroring her role in the first game. Gum can also be considered the secondary mascot for the game and the Jet Set Radio series in general as she is used in promotional material in a similar sense to Beat.



In Jet Set Radio Future, Gum wears a light green dress, with a revealing low cut neckline, and a high collar. It is edged at both hem and collar by blue-grey/aqua bands, with an orange stripe between the thicker grey stripes on the collar. Vertical katakana adorn the front, just under her cleavage, flanked on either side by three aqua colored short horizontal bars stacked vertically. Between her shoulder blades is a blue-grey cross, and there is a similarly colored patch at the base of her spine. She wears thin dark grey armbands around her upper arms, and wristbands which mirror the collar of her dress, as well as a dark grey choker. Her trademark helmet remains virtually the same compared to her counterpart in Jet Set Radio. It has a blue-grey color, with what appears to be built in headphones, but these ones are light grey in the center, with an orange ring where they meet the body of the helmet. Her skates mirror the helmet in color, and have a blue grey cross on an aqua field within a lighter grey circle on both sides of each skate, with yellow wheels.

JSRF Gum Ref


In the game, DJ Professor K describes her as "a real cool lady who leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever she goes". In the English Jet Set Radio Future manual, DJ Professor K describes her as "a perverse lady with the tendency to abandon a guy in 10 minutes after winning his heart." In the Japanese JSRF manual, she's said to hold the gang together alongside Corn and appears to be more "calm and composed" than him. She is also lewd with a tendency of abandoning guys within 10 minutes of seducing them. The official Japanese JSRF website states she is a "bad judge of character".

Role in Jet Set Radio Future[]

At the beginning of the game, after the player talks to Corn, she teaches Yoyo the basics of the game, such as grinding, jumping, and collecting and using spray cans. Gum, along with Corn and Roboy, can be found on the upper level of the central area of the garage when not playing as her in the game.

She will often tell the player about the controls and how to reach certain areas on the map when when talking to her during the chapters, continuing the trend of her being the teacher of the GG's.

Dialogue and noted interactions[]

For audio relating to Gum, check out Gum/Audio.
Note: No other GG dialogue appears in chapter 5 besides Jazz's.
Chapter # Quote
Chapter 1 Debut (Tutorial)
  • [Jumping]
  • So you're the cat who wants to join us, huh? I don't know where you're from, but the streets are tough. Real tough. But, let's see what you're made of. We'll start you off nice and slow. Let's see how much air you can grab. Press the A button to jump.
  • OK. Now Jump 3 times.
  • [Grind]
  • Don’t get cocky just yet, anyone can do that. The next technique is a grind, it’s real important. Try jumping up onto rails and fences. If you land it the right way, you’ll slide automatically.
  • Not bad. Try it again.
  • [Graffiti]
  • Not too shabby kid. Lastly, you need to learn about Graffiti. That thing spinning around there, that’s a spray can. It’s actually the Soul of the Street, and only certain people can see it. To start, you gotta get 10 of those. If you touch them, they're yours. Can't do Graffiti if you got no Soul, you know what I mean?
  • You got some spray cans, huh? Time for some graffiti sprayin', then. Go to the round-shaped mark, and pull the "right trigger". With every single design you spray, you’re releasing the Soul to the street. The piece is done when there are no more round-shaped marks.[note 1]
  • There you go. Just like that. Oh, I almost forgot. Let me show you a Boost Dash. Get 10 spray cans, and press the "B button".
  • [Completion]
  • Not too shabby. But that won’t mean nothin’ on the streets. That's where the real test starts. But hey, if you ever feel like practicin', just find Roboy. He can be a real pain sometimes… actually, he's a real pain all the time, but he should be able to help you out. He’ll help you set your game settings and show you how to save your game, too. He’s cool like that.

After the first police shakedown.

  • There are a couple of places in Shibuya Terminal where you can get on the roof of some buildings. You can get there by jumping from a Grind. You should check it out. Who knows what you'll find up there? When you're looking for something, the best place to start is the Map. You can see it by pressing the START button.
Chapter 2 Before heading to 99th Street.
  • The area of 99th Street is built around a tower that has a bunch of places to Grind. Definitely check that place out. There are also telephone poles to Grind and billboards to Wallride... the important thing is to just try everything out. Oh, and don't forget to check the map by pressing the START button. That should give you some helpful hints.

After Rhyth joins the GG's.

  • Cool. Welcome aboard. [When speaking to Rhyth]

When Rapid 99 appears.

  • We actually found Roboy in a dumpster. Corn fixed him up real nice.
  • Let's go! And step on it! [As Corn or Combo]
Chapter 3 After Rapid 99 reveals Poison Jam's hideout.
  • I've been lost in the sewers before. It's kinda crazy in there, but as long as you keep moving up, you'll be ok.
Chapter 4 When the Immortals appear.
  • Yoyo just can't chill and stay put, can he? He'll be back soon, I'm sure. I heard the Immortals hang out in the skyscraper district or something...

After Boogie joins the GG's.

  • So you're the one from Kibogaoka Hill, huh? Well, this is the GG's. What you see is what you get. Just be yourself, you'll be cool. [When speaking to Boogie]
Chapter 6 During the Noise Tanks invasion.
  • Actually, they say that Roboy is actually a Noise Tank prototype. Don't tell him that though, ok? We don't wanna make him cry or nothin'. In any case, we're gonna get those damn Noise Tanks.

After destroying all the Noise Tanks.

Chapter 7 After defeating the Noise Tanks.
  • I hear that Poison Jam's woman leader has been showin' her face in town.
Chapter 8 During the Golden Rhinos attack.
  • Man, the Rhinos gotta be pissed off!
  • That fool dressed in black who's been hanging around Chuo Street... now that I think about it, you guys kinda look alike. [When speaking to Beat]

Before confronting Gouji.

  • Shibuya Terminal's in a state of panic. I really wanna stay out of this, but we gotta go over there and take care of business.
Chapter 9/Post game All regions.
  • Don't use your eyes. Just try to feel it, you know?

Japan only.

  • Go back to your dog house. [To Pots]
  • I can't really tell the difference between you and Roboy No. 1. [To Roboy]
  • You're quite nicely built. I can tell you apart real easy, though. [To NT-3000]
Noted interactions
  • Corn - Implied to be good friends, being originally the only two members of the GG's (not counting Roboy).
  • Yoyo - After Yoyo's kidnapping, she states that Yoyo "just can't chill", at least implying that he is much more erratic compared to the other members of the gang.
  • Roboy - After completing the tutorials, Gum tells the player to go to Roboy for more tutorials and says he can be a pain all the time, referencing his attitude. Later on in the story, she reveals that Roboy was rumored to be a Noise Tank prototype, but tells the player to refrain from doing so to not make him "cry", at least showing some compassion towards the robot. The Japanese exclusive dialogue above reveals that the playable Roboy is another model of him.
  • Beat - Before getting to know him, Gum absolutely does not like Beat, calling him "some headphone wearing freak" and saying she "can't wait till she gets her hands on that creep" when he is first talked about. This seemingly gets dropped after he joins the gang, but she does note that Zero Beat looks like him, like most characters, to which Beat disagrees with.
  • Combo - If the player is using Gum while at Shibuya Terminal, Combo's attitude is different compared towards the male members of the gang, where instead of threating them, he calls her "princess" instead. If the player fails his challenge as her, he assumes she liked it enough that he will do it again for her.
  • Boogie - When Boogie joins the GG's, Gum notices her as "the one from Kibogaoka Hill", and tells her that what she sees is what she gets when it comes to the GG's. She encourages her to be yourself, and she will be cool as a result from that.
  • Rhyth - After Rapid 99 appears, Gum gives Rhyth a warm welcome to the gang.
  • Pots - In the Japanese exclusive dialogue above, Gum tells him to go back to his dog house. This might be her asserting authority or simply being shocked that he became bipedal somehow.
  • Gangs and Zero Beat - If any rival gang member, bar Poison Jam, talks to Gum, she says that the GG's do not turn down anyone that comes to them, but follows up with "...Or do they?". She also says this to Zero Beat, and is the only character, besides Beat, to have any dialogue towards the robot.
  • NT-3000 - In the Japanese-exclusive dialogue Gum comments that NT-3000 is nicely built, but she can easily tell the difference between the robot and Yoyo.


Type Quick-1
Stamina Below Average
G-Stamina Average
Spray Cans 30 Cans
Graffiti Above Average
Acceleration High
Cornering Very High
Grind Above Average
  • An underline notates the character's highest skill(s).
  • Gum and Rapid 99 have the same stats.


Gum's latch stances.

Latching Stance[]

Side Latch
Left of Ramp Right of Ramp
Backside Royal Fast
Backside Fast Royal
Side Latch (Backward)
Left of Ramp Right of Ramp
Ally-oop Mizsou Farside Ally-oop Makio
Ally-oop Makio Farside Ally-oop Mizsou

Grind Tricks[]

Forward Backward
Soul Soyal
Frontside Porn Star
Makio Ally-oop Mistral
Acid Soul Ally-oop Makio
Torque Soul Ally-oop Soul
Backslide Ally-oop Mizou

Air Tricks[]

Forward X Backward X
Abstract 360 LK
Shifty Method
Method LK Backflip
Rocket Method Backflip
Forward Y Backward Y
Method 540 LK 180
Stalefish 180 Shifty 180
Abstract 540 LK Backflip 180
900 Method Backflip 180

Official profiles[]

Jet Set Radio Future website[]

  • She has been a member of GG with Corn. She is said to be calmer than the leader and is a bad judge of character. She is said to abandon any man she woos within 10 minutes.[1]

Jet Set Radio Future manual[]

  • Member of GG. She's a perverse lady with the tendency to abandon a guy in 10 minutes after winning his heart.

Jet Set Radio Future Perfect Guidebook[]

  • Gum has a dirty personality, yet she is surprisingly well-informed, so take her advice seriously. She is oriented toward technique and has lower stamina.

Jet Set Radio Future Prima Games Strategy Guide[]

  • A heartbreaker who loves to toy with men's emotions, Gum is a speedster who can take turns like a champ.


For this character's full image gallery, see Gum/Gallery.


  • Gum and Jazz have the same idle dance.
  • Despite her Jet Set Radio counterpart appearing in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Gum's All-Star Move, when activated, drops broken hearts behind her that slow down other racers. This is most likely a reference to DJ Professor K's description of her.
  • In the beta of Jet Set Radio Future, Gum had red highlights around her dress.
  • In another early build of Jet Set Radio Future, Gum winked at the player while talking to her, similar to her Jet Set Radio counterpart. This winking texture is still left in the game's files as Gum's face textures include said wink.
  • Gum, along with Corn, Combo, and Soda, have yet to make an appearance in a Sega crossover game in their Future attires.
  • Gum is one of the few characters to have an alternate icon that appears in the multiplayer mode for the game, along with Garam, the Love Shockers, NT-3000, and Gouji.



  1. Original line: "The piece is done when there are no more the round-shaped mark."



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