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Gum (ガム Gamu?) is a character who is set to appear in the upcoming Jet Set Radio game. She, along with Beat and Combo are the main trio of characters this time around according to promotional pieces for the title.


Gum's appearance is drastically different compared to her previous iterations as this time she does not wear a dress of any kind and instead rocks a more sporty outfit. Her green color scheme from her original iteration makes a comeback instead of the more blue based one from Jet Set Radio Future. Instead of a aviator-style helmet, she wears a light-green visor cap, leaning into the sporty design. She seemingly wears a crop-top with long sleeves that features her name in yellow katakana in the center, green shorts and knee-highs. Her skates are similar to that of her Jet Set Radio appearance's skates rather Future look. She also wears fingerless gloves.