Grind City (グラインドシティ Guraindo Shiti?), referred to as New Grind City in the manual for Jet Set Radio GBA, is a location in Jet Set Radio. Chapter 2 of the game takes place here. It is based on New York City.


Unlike Tokyo-to, Grind City only has two districts, Bantam Street and Grind Square. Bantam Street is similar to Shibuya-cho as it is set during daylight, while Grind Square has its own unique time of day, a dusk-like setting. However, unlike the Tokyo-to districts, the districts in Grind City are only singular blocks, lacking in different areas. Bantam Street is rather open compared to Grind Square which is more enclosed instead. Grind City also holds home to its own radio station, however it lacks a DJ intro that Jet Set Radio has, as songs start immediately or simply have static play before they begin.

In the Game Boy Advance version of Jet Set Radio, Grind City does not have its two districts represented in separate levels, rather they are combined in one area. Which means the player has to play through it twice in during chapter 2.


Before the events of Jet Set Radio, the turf used to belong to Combo, Cube, and Coin before the Golden Rhinos started to invade. After the invasion of the Golden Rhinos, Combo and Cube take their territory back and head to Tokyo-to to see if they can get help from the GG's for the sake of Coin.


Both districts of Grind City share the same selection of music.



  • Grind City and its two locations were not present in the original Japanese release of Jet Set Radio and where later added on to appeal to the western audience, more specifically, the United States, to attract more players.
    • Japan would eventually get to experience Grind City thanks to the release of De La Jet Set Radio and the HD 2012 release of the game as well.
  • According to Ryuta Ueda, he was not big on adding Grind City to game, believing it diminished the game's essential Japanese elements, and that it hurt his pride, but did wonder what new ideas he could implement in the new areas for the game.[1][2]
  • There was plans for a comic that took place in Grind City, seemingly loosely adapting the events of chapter 2 from the game, but would be turned down and shelved.
  • In the Dreamcast release, both Grind City levels Jet Crush trials did not count the player's score throughout it. This was inexplicably changed in the HD release of the game to where their score is counted.
  • To capture the accuracy of New York City for Grind City, designers from Smilebit traveled to the place and conducted interviews there.[3]
  • Ueda would also reveal that Takayuki Kawagoe was the one to notify the team about additional requests of Grind City's inclusion.[3]


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