Gouji Tower is an area in which the player battles AKUMU, which he is settled on the top of a tower. On the bottom, the player will see multiple enemies, but they cannot be tagged on the back.

In order to defeat AKUMU, the player must grind through random objects from locations and reach to the top. From there, the player must tag AKUMU on the belly. Once the player runs out of spray cans, the player must go down and gather more spray cans before going up again.

When you defeat AKUMU, the tower will start to cripple apart. This becomes an inaccessible area after dealing with AKUMU.


  • A incomplete version of the tower can be seen in the backround of The Future Site of Rokkaku Expo Stadium. This is a foreshadowing element of the story.
  • When you see the map the location name will say ????.
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