Goji and Gang-0

Goji and his gang of assassins, the Golden Rhinos.

Jet Set Radio

Goji Rokkaku (六角ゴウジ Rokkaku Gouji) is the main villain in the Jet Set Radio series and chairman of the Rokkaku Group. He appears to be a middle-aged, bald man, and wears a black suit and sunglasses with a white scarf.


Years prior to Jet Set Radio, The Rokkaku Group led by Goji collaborated with the Metropolitan Government to co-found the "21st Century Project" as the future of Tokyo-to causing rudies to be arrested.

As told in Chapter 2, he kidnapped Cube and Combo's friend and former fellow gang member Coin; however, they never see him again and the epilogue indicates that Goji may have killed him.

Gouji's behavior and assassins (whom are all usually madmen) indicate that Gouji is a very dangerous individual who is willing to do anything to get what he wants. In the end of the first game, Gouji does indeed collect all three pieces of the record and tries to summon a demon.  However, the GG's defeat him and destroy his operation.

It is suggested that Gouji may have been killed or mortally wounded after the Rokkaku building exploded from the battle. Combo goes on to state that the Devil's Contract never had any powers, and that Gouji was just trying to satisfy "the demons of his own heart".

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Goji is unlocked as a playable character by getting Jet ranks on all levels set in Grind City.


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  • The name "Rokkaku" in Japanese means "hexagon", hence the Rokkaku Group's logo.
  • As a playable character, Goji's health bar is maxed out, but as a trade-off, he takes three times normal damage.
  • Rokakku cameos in another Sega game, Yakuza, as part the substory "Crisis on the Crapper." Rokakku is hit with a stomach ache on the way to a meeting and is forced to use a public toilet only to run out of paper. The game's protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu, provides him with a number of pocket tissues, and after Rokakku's stomach ache is done with, he hands Kiryu his business card and a Stone of Enduring. Examining the card will indeed reveal the man's identity as "Gouji Rokakku." He appears considerably more overweight and shaven in Yakuza than he does in JSR.


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