The Garage is a place in both  Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future. It is the main area or base for The GGs.

Jet Set Radio

In Jet Set Radio, The Garage is a small warehouse-like building. It has large speakers in it, a pinball machine, some furniture and the GG's signature graffiti on the walls and floor. There is also a pinball machine with DJ Professor K.

Jet Set Radio Future

In Jet Set Radio Future, The Garage is an abandoned junkyard. It's substantially larger than in the previous game. Here you can talk to Roboy, who can let you choose your character, save your game, change your graffiti, change your background music, do more tutorials, and do test runs, as well as the other GGs you acquire in the story mode. You can also roam here. This is where the player begins when they start a new game. The player will play as Yo-Yo as their starting character, and Gum will show you the basics.

The area has lots of rails, a half pipe, some walls and some stairs. It has a couple broken destroyed cars, a punchbag (with Rokkaku's face on it) and a pinball machine. The area also contains a basketball court. From this area the player can go to Dogenzaka Hill, Shibuya Terminal, 99th Street, and Rokkaku-dai Heights.

According to the Japanese JSRF Site, It used to the be the site of a high-class hotel, but the GG's collected junk and made it their own hangout. And the UFO in the garage was given from a restaurant in a certain place.


  • In Jet Set Radio, The Garage lacked a door. It's likely that The GGs get in and out using the one large window it has.
  • In Jet Set Radio Future, the 12 GGs, as well as Roboy and Potts can be seen in different areas of the Garage.
  • In the December 4, 2001 build of Jet Set Radio Future, GG's unlocked after Beat, such as Rhyth and Combo will skate around the Garage, when not being played as. They skate in predetermined lines and can be hurt by by bumping into them, it is possible to defeat them by bumping into them enough times, but since all GG's share the same health bar size, this will most likely always result in both the player character and the other being defeat at the same time. It's unknown why this was removed, but a possible reason for it's removal could be testers doing this very thing.