Here is documented data on removed content in the Jet Set Radio games.

Jet Set Radio/Jet Grind Radio


Unused Swatch billboard to the left; its replacement to the right

  • The Jet Grind Radio Music Sampler, handed out with pre-orders of the original game in North America, contained ten songs that were going to be added to the game's NA release. Four of these songs, including Rob Zombie's "What Lurks on Channel X? [XXX Mix]", were never added to the game.
  • There are many unused voice clips for DJ Professor K, including one where he recites a list of random Japanese buzzwords, a rap that was probably too long for a full broadcast and several clips saying the characters' Japanese names (probably intended for the character select screen). Most of these clips are alternate takes. Interestingly, not only do these alternate takes contain localized terms, their filenames end in "u"; they were probably intended for the Western versions of the game.
  • Six billboards, including two risqué ones, were designed for Shibuya-cho and Benten-cho, but most of them were replaced for release. Pictured above is a Swatch billboard, the only one in the game advertising a real product; this may indicate a planned advertising deal that fell through. Oddly enough, in Episode 10 of the SEGA licensed anime Hi-scoool! Sega Hard Girls, an altered version of the Swatch billboard appears as a background object.
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