SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Jet Set Radio/Jet Grind Radio

The Devil's Contract is an ancient record created by an evil sound engineer, and is said to summon a demon if played. Rokkaku wants to use this record to make a pact with a demon, and take over Tokyo-to . Coin's enormous record collection consists of the Devil's Contract, prompting the Golden Rhinos to kill him and destroy his collection. Two of the three pieces of the Contract somehow make their way into the hands of Poison Jam, and the Noise Tanks, respectively, with the third still being held by Gouji. After each gang is defeated, they drop their piece, and each one is taken by the GG's. Later, while the GG's are working to fight off the Golden Rhinos in Tokyo, their two pieces are stolen by one of Rokkaku's men, giving Gouji the entirety of the record. He plays it, and though it is later revealed to be a hoax, the record still manages to turn the sky dark during the Final Groove.

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