De La Jet Set Radio (デ・ラ・ジェット セット ラジオ De Ra Jetto Setto Rajio?) is a re-release of Jet Set Radio in Japan with several changes including the addition of extra levels already present in the NTSC and PAL versions of the game.

Notable changes[]

  • Easier to pick up gameplay compared to the original Japanese release.
  • Includes additional music from the PAL release of Jet Set Radio.
  • Includes the two additional levels from the NTSC and PAL versions of Jet Set Radio.
  • Two extra characters were made playable as well.
  • In-game text is displayed in whichever language the Dreamcast console is set to.


According to Masayoshi Kikuchi, the team decided to reimport the international version of Jet Set Radio due to it being the beginning of the 21st century according to Takayuki Kawagoe. Due to the January 1 release date, the game was sold online initially as many stores were closed in Japan that day, but would eventually get a packaged release later on.[1]


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