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Cube Faces.png|Textures used for Cube's head.
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Cube is a playable character in Jet Set Radio Future. Typically friendly and short-tempered, she is former leader of Rapid 99 and serves as the standing leader for Poison Jam for a large portion of Jet Set Radio Future, eventually joining the GG's. She is also the notorious thief of the Goddess of Dogenzaka Hill.

In Jet Set Radio Future, her rudie's identity is misconstrued as masculine, until the GG's visit Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility after being tipped off to the location of Poison Jam's hideout by Rapid 99, Cube's former clique. 

Appearance Edit

Cube has a semi-goth style in Jet Set Radio Future. Her outfit's color scheme is black and red. She wears a cutoff and sleeveless black shirt that has a higher midriff than in the original JSR. She also wears black pants and has a tattoo on her stomach. She is also seen in Jet Set Radio Future wearing teal blue lipstick. Although the style is different, she again has short black hair and her blades are predominately black and red.

The first time Cube is mentioned in Jet Set Radio Future, her gender is not yet known and she is only referred to as the 'Master' by DJ Professor K. The first time you actually see and interact with Cube is at the Bottom Point of Sewage Facility; she is sitting on her throne, wearing a helmet similar to the masks that Poison Jam wear, and commands Poison Jam into a game of Tagger's Tag against you.

History Edit

In Jet Set Radio Future, Cube was the former leader of Rapid 99 before leaving them to become the leader of Poison Jam, ensuring that Rapid 99 and Poison Jam would always be eternal rivals. Once the GG's defeat Poison Jam and reclaim the goddess of Dogenzaka Hill, Cube leaves Poison Jam for not being able to handle the job. Later she appears at Sky-Dinosaurian Square and indirectly helps the GGs by revealing the true identity of NT-3000 as a robot clone of Yoyo.

Later, Cube can be recruited by defeating her at a race in the Bottom Point of Sewage Facility.

Statistics Edit

Jet Set Radio FutureEdit

Stamina Very High
G-Stamina Above Average
Spray 25 Cans
Graffiti Above Average
Acceleration Maximum*
Cornering Below Average
Grind Below Average
  • An asterisk (*) denotes this character's highest skill.



  • Because she is the previous leader of Rapid 99, Cube's regular dance in Jet Set Radio future is identical to that of Rapid 99.
  • The first couple of times you encounter Cube in Jet Set Radio Future, she is wearing a helmet with a similar design to the masks that Poison Jam wear.
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