Jet Set Radio

Cube (キューブ, Kyūbu) is a playable character in Jet Set Radio. She is 20 years old, and originally from Grind City in America.


In Jet Set Radio, Cube is part of a gang from Grind City, in America, led by Combo. One day, their turf got taken over by the Golden Rhinos' ugly graffiti signs. Cube and Combo originally put up a fight against the assassins working for this organization, but with their friend and gang member Coin kidnapped, Cube and Combo eventually made their way to Tokyo-To, having heard of the GG's skills. Desperate for help, Combo asks Beat, the leader, if he and Cube can join. Cube is challenged by Gum to copy some of her tricks, and is accepted into the GG's after successfully completing them. She becomes a playable character from this point onwards.


Cube's outfit has some gothic-looking elements. Its color scheme is mostly black. She has black fingerless gloves, wears short, black pants held up by a belt with a square skull-shaped buckle, and black and gray skates with red wheels. Around her neck hangs a black collar with another skull-shaped buckle. Also notable are her tattoos: one looking like black markings on her stomach, around her navel, and another shaped like the first kanji in her name, in red on her left upper arm. She has short black hair styled to the left and kept in place with two light blue hairpins, and always wears blue lipstick.

In Jet Grind Radio, the American release of the game, and every re-release since then, she wears a black sleeveless shirt that reaches down to her midriff, with her name on it in red kanji across the front. In the original Japanese version of Jet Set Radio, however, she instead wears a black shirt with long sleeves, a higher collar, and red flame-like markings. Over that she wears a gray t-shirt, still reaching down to her midriff. Furthermore, her pants are more of a dark blue color.

Trademark Graffiti


CUBE - Fear Me

Cube's Small Graffiti. A stylized white skull with purple outlines.

CUBE - Tougher Than You

Cube's Large Graffiti. A purple skull in a beanie against a misty turquoise background.


Cube's Extra Large Graffiti. Purple and black hiragana with green outlines and a grim reaper in the middle.


Jet Set/Grind Radio

Cube's Maximum Health, Cans Held, and Graffiti Challenge

Power Above Average
Technique Above Average
Graffiti Very High~
  • An underline notates this rudie's highest skill.
  • ~ She can hold a maximum of 25 Spray Cans. Her Graffiti Challenge begins with Down.
  • She does the Full Torque, Acid Soul, and Back Slide Grinds. Her backwards Grinds are the Soyal and Ally-oop Miz.
  • Her Air tricks are the Flying Kite and Method Back Flip. Her Half-Pipe Air tricks are the Misty Flip and Judo Back Flip 180. Her backwards Air tricks are the Method and 720.