Jet Set Radio

Corn (コーン; Kōn), also known as Tab in the European and North American versions of the game, is a playable character in the Jet Set Radio series. He joins the group during the game's opening tutorial, similar to Gum.

He is often described to be the brains of the group, and is portrayed as the GG's leader in Jet Set Radio Future.


Corn wears a light blue jumpsuit along with a large dark blue knit hat that covers his eyes. His name is displayed on his hat, though in game, it simply appears as a rectangle. Tab's hair is spiky and black, and can be seen sticking out from under the back of the hat. His roller blades are mostly yellow, with gray patterns and blue wheels. He also wears a square watch with a screen displaying red text.

Trademark Graffiti

TAB GRAFFITI 00002.jpg

TAB - Tab Me

Tab's Small Graffiti. "Tab" in turquoise bubble letters with black outlines.

TAB - Pull the Tab

Tab's Large Graffiti. "Tab" in purple, gold, and turquoise wild-style letters.

MONKEY BUISNESS - Don't Monkey Around!

Tab's Extra-Large Graffiti. Black and white graffiti letters, accompanied by a chimpanzee with a spray can.


Jet Grind Radio

Power - High

Technique - Very High*

Graffiti - Average

  • The star (*) notates this rudie's highest skills

Appearances in other games

Sega Superstars Tennis

Corn can be seen as a spectator at the Jet Set Radio court.

Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed

Corn appears on an unlockable sticker in the game.


  • The song 'That's Enough' by Hideki Naganuma seems to be associated with Corn.
  • Despite the official Japanese guidebook stating his name to be "Corn," there is speculation that his name was intended to be "Cone" instead. This is based off of his logo looking extremely similar to a cone or drill.
  • In relation, even though his official Japanese name is "Corn" in JSR, and international name as well in JSRF, concept art of the character for the cancelled Jet Set Radio Wii displays his name to be "Tab". This may be due to the artist, Corey S. Lewis, being from international origins himself.