Corn in Jet Set Radio Future.

Corn (コーン Kōn, Cone) is a character in Jet Set Radio Future, and the founder of the GG's.

DJ Professor K describes him as a "self-styled genius". Corn acts as the leader of the gang.


He wears an unzipped gray jacket covering a yellow shirt, with his name imprinted in katakana onto it in red. His pants are teal with red flame decals on the very bottoms, to match his long teal hat. Spiky blond hair sticks out through the back.

His blades are painted in dark blue with lighter-shaded wheels.


Jet Set Radio Future

Corn is already in the Garage at the game's beginning.

Upon YoYo's arrival, Corn mistakes him for the pizza guy at first, but then instructs him to talk to Gum to learn the game's basic controls.

After that, he alerts YoYo of DJ Professor K, an underground radio DJ who then gives exposition on the game's story.


Stamina Above Average*
G-Stamina Average*
Spray Cans 30 Cans
Graffiti Above Average
Acceleration High
Cornering Very High
Grind Above Average
  • The star (*) notates this rudie's highest skills


  • If playing on the XBOX 360 instead of the original XBOX, there are certain characters that will make the game slow down significantly at points, and Corn is one of those. Though the other characters slowing down Jet Set Radio Future doesn't make much sense, Corn does, as his jacket most likely moves freely instead of having flapping animations, which would cause the 360 to have to process more.