Jet Set Radio

Combo (コンボ, Konbo) is a playable character in Jet Set Radio. Combo is the oldest member of the GG's. He is one of the few characters who are actually relevant to the plot of the game, and may be more important than any other character excluding Beat and DJ Professor K.

Role in Jet Set Radio

In Jet Set Radio, Combo is part of a 3 person gang from Grind City, in America. Along with Coin and Cube, he found one day that his turf, the area around Bantam Street, had been taken over by the Golden Rhinos' signs, which he found ugly. On top of this, Coin was kidnapped, and his large record collection destroyed. After they attempted to find Coin, to no avail, they fled to Tokyo-to after hearing about Jet Set Radio and the GG's, hoping Beat and his gang could help them. Combo is challenged by Beat to a race through Shibuya-cho, and is accepted into the GG's after winning. Combo narrates the flashback scenes in chapter 2: 'Combo & Cube', and also narrates the epilogue In the U.S. and European versions, as well as the Japanese re-release De La Jet Set Radio (the epilogue for the original Japanese version is narrated by DJ Professor K).


Combo's most recognizable features are the "ghetto blaster" stereo he carries and the giant gold chain shaped like a Yen-sign around his neck. In JSR, he wears a black bucket hat, a bright green t-shirt under an open black short sleeved shirt, and grey, slightly baggy pants. His skates are a matching grey and black, with teal wheels.

Trademark Graffiti

COMBO - Don't Push it, Kid!

Combo's Small Graffiti. "Conbo" (sic) in yellow and black bubble letters.

COMBO - Watch My Moves!

Combo's Large Graffiti. Turquoise and blue graffiti.

BREAKER - Breaker Breaker!

Combo's Extra-Large Graffiti. "Breaker" in orange and black.

Appearances in Other Games

Sega Superstars Tennis

Combo makes multiple cameo appearances in this game.

-He appears during Beat's All-Star move.

-He appears in the Jet Set Radio minigame, grinding and throwing spray cans to the player, which are needed to complete tags on the court.

-He appears as a spectator in Jet Set Radio court.

In-Game Statistics

Jet Grind Radio

Power - Max*

Technique - Average

Graffiti - High

  • The star (*) notates this character's highest skills.


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