Chuo Street (チュウオウ街 Chūō-gai) is an area connected to Shibuya Terminal, in which the player fights against several Rokkaku Police tanks and one of the Golden Rhinos in with the Golden grappling claw later in the game.


The first time the player arrives at Chuo Street, it is covered in Poison Jam graffiti and must be buried under the player's own tag. Partway through this, however, Hayashi shows up with a small squadron of Tanks. The quickest way to dispatch the tanks is to grind along the barrel and tag the occupants then. There are six tanks in total for this encounter. After the six tanks have been taken out, Hayashi appears on top of the building next to this level's save point. Hayashi can be defeated by tagging him out normally or knocking him off the building to end the battle in a hurry.

After tagging all of Poison Jam's graffiti in this level, the three monster skaters will appear near the dinosaur statue. Poison Jam will challenge the players to a race around Chuo Street. Upon defeating Poison Jam in the race, Poison Jam will appear in Rokkaku-dai Heights and will unlock the second half of that level.

Gum near the entrance to Chuo Street.

Later in the story, the GG's come back to Chuo Street to take out one of the Golden Rhino's bigwigs. The guy with the metal claws, who also took out the Noise Tanks back at Sky Dinosaurian Square.

Chuo Street is only accessible via Shibuya Terminal. The area is mostly a shopping district. DJ Professor K mentions in his first radio broadcast in the game that the record store on Chuo Street was recently attacked (presumably by Poison Jam), but no evidence of such a crime can be found by the player anywhere in the area.

The Mystery Tape for Chuo Street can be found between the legs of the giant dinosaur statue in the uppermost area of the level.

Unlockable Characters

Roboy can be unlocked as a playable character by earning a 'Jet' ranking in the Test Runs on Chuo Street.

Chuo Street is one of the three areas visited by Clutch after he has stolen the GG's Graffiti Souls. He will appear at the base of the dinosaur statue near the Mystery Tape. He will stay here for about 3 minutes before moving to Kibogaoka Hill, near the entrance to that level.


  • This is the only level in JSRF that has two exits to the same level