Benten (弁天?) is a district in the Jet Set Radio series. The district holds home to the Noise Tanks and other gangs such as Rapid 99 and the Immortals. The Benten district usually contains the escalation of the game's stories as major events happen in it before the conclusion.


The Benten district in the Jet Set Radio series so far, has been set during the time of night. The district is more focused on entertainment compared to Shibuya and Kogane, as shops and entertainment zones have a heavy presence in the area. Compared to both districts, citizens are also present throughout, possibly a bit more crowded than in Shibuya. Things such as vehicles and residential areas are usually relegated to one location and are much lesser compared to Shibuya and Kogane.


Jet Set Radio[]

See Benten-cho for more specific details.

In Jet Set Radio, Benten is represented by the Benten-cho district. It holds home to the Noise Tanks. During the events of the game, the GG's take over Benten-cho, and eventually have to take it back again from the Golden Rhinos. They also have to take down a mind-controlled Poison Jam in the district as well.

Jet Set Radio Future[]

In Jet Set Radio Future, Benten is represented by six areas: 99th Street, the Future Site of the Rokkaku Expo Stadium, the Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park, Highway Zero, Sky Dinosaurian Square, and the Site of Tokyo Line. Throughout the story, the GG's travel to the Benten district to get intel on Poison Jam's whereabouts, participate in a tournament called Death Ball, and rescue DJ Professor K from the Golden Rhinos.

During these events the GG's run into characters and gangs such as Rapid 99, the Immortals, Jazz, the Noise Tanks, the Doom Riders, the Love Shockers, Clutch and Zero Beat. With the help of Cube, they take down the fake Yoyo. Like every other area in Tokyo, the Noise Tanks eventually invade the area and the Golden Rhinos follow soon after, with the GG's putting a stop to them both.

Unlike Shibuya and Kogane, Benten only has one additional area in the multiplayer mode of the game: Tsuzura Park.

Other appearances[]

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing[]

In Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, Benten is represented via the Highway Zero racetrack, which is actually based on 99th Street.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed[]

In Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, the Graffiti City racetrack represents Benten via the highways from Highway Zero.


Jet Set Radio[]

Jet Set Radio Future[]