Buildings in 99th Street

99th Street is a location in Jet Set Radio Future, set in Benten-cho. It is a crowded shopping center.

The Rokkaku Police appear in this location, with vehicles with spotlights that can shoot the player if they get caught for too long. The only way to stop them is to grind the pole which the spotlight is raised and spray on them. There are two parts of this. One in the inactive part of the town, the other in the active part.

99th Street's most defining trait is its large amount of neon signs and lights. The first area the player encounters here is a large pagoda-style building named Benten Tower. It has two dragon sculptures wrapped around it that can be grinded on. One leads to the top of the structure, the other the road that leads to two places; The Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park, or the Garage. The north part of the location leads to The Future site of The Rokkaku Expo Stadium. The top of the structure is where Rapid 99 can be found.

Here, the player battles Rapid 99 in a game of Jet Flag in order to find the location of Poison Jam's hideout, the Tokyo Underground Sewage Facility.

If the player goes back up the highway that connects to the Garage and Skyscraper District once clearing all of 99th Street's graffiti, the player will encounter Hayashi and will have to defeat him in order to progress. This Hayashi fight can be skipped if the player challenges Rapid 99 to a flag battle.

Mystery Tape

The Mystery Tape is located at the base of Benten Tower, directly under the structure. This unlocks the following challenges:

  1. Grind Combo x15
  2. Air Combo x4
  3. 40 Tricks
  4. 100,000 points
  5. 東,南,西,北 gates, grind


  • The kanji in the fifth 99th Street challenge "東,南,西,北 gates, grind" refer to the cardinal directions '東’ (east) '南' (south), '西' (west) and '北' (north) on the gates surrounding Benten Tower. The player must grind the plaza rail (the red rails behind the gates on the outer rim of the plaza) clockwise in a single combo, starting and ending at the 東 (eastern) gate without falling, for the Soul to appear.
  • Given its large amount of lighting and assets, this area is prone to slowdown when emulated on later consoles. It speeds up when traversing between the three sub-sections, but the plaza is by far the main offender, likely due to the various lighting and surface effects all in play at once.


Appearances in Other Games

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

99th Street is also a race track in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.

Track Name Track Picture
Tokyo-to - 99th Street SASR 99thStreet.jpg

Jet Set Radio/Jet Grind Radio

It can be assumed that 99th Street, despite never technically being named in the original game, is formed from the shopping plaza and two street sections (active/brightly lit and inactive/dimly lit) of the original game's Benten-cho district. The areas share vague similarities between one another, but there is never a explicit connection made.